STOP Wasting Money On Golf Training Aids | The ONLY 3 You Need

STOP Wasting Money On Golf Training Aids | The ONLY 3 You Need

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Swing aids are crucial bits of apparatus to help you gain the feels needed to develop your golf swing. With the hundreds of golf swing aids around the world, there is a lot of kit that has very little use, or, very expensive.

In this video I share with you three of the very best swing aids to help you improve your golf in 2024. Below are three links where you can see specific videos on the top three swing aids I recommend. This swing aids will improve your driving, ball striking, lower your handicap and make you a much happier golfer!

Theraband Videos -

Pipe Video -

Broom Videos -



0:00 - Intro
0:11 - Swing Aid Number 1
2:54 - Swing Aid Number 2
4:41 - GX Golf Gloves
5:08 - Swing Aid Number 3



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